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    When you go to someones house for the first time and you sit there like


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    Ducati 1199 Panigale R

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    Silver Bullet

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    Ducati 350 GTV | Desmo Bibu | Il Ducatista

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    Ducati 900SS Cafe Racer | Riviera | Walt Siegl

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    Light Printing

    We are exploring new modalities of creative photography through robotics and long-exposure photography. Using a robotic arm, a light source is carried through precise movements in front of a camera. Photographic compositions are recorded as images of volumetric light. Robotic light “painting” can also be inverted: the camera is moved via the arm to create an image “painted” with environmental light. Finally, adding real-time sensor input to the moving arm and programming it to explore the physical space around objects can reveal immaterial fields like radio waves, magnetic fields, and heat flows.

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    I thought it will take him a year to go back to parc ferme

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  10. "Bromeo, oh Bromeo
    I love you.. No homeo"
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    1000ps im tunnel (by bennorz)

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    Isle of Man TT 2014

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